Episode 31 – Living on the Phone

We carry this wonderful computer around in our pockets, but we don’t really use it as much as we could! Join Dan as he spends a week living without a tablet and relying on his smartphone for his on-the-go computer!



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Inexpensive Digital Signs Inexpensive Tech, Re-Purposed Stuff

One of the underlying foundations of Cyberpunk Librarian is working high tech and low budget. And when you’re working for a government organization, you can’t just throw stuff out. It has to be properly surplussed, handled, catalogued, and so on. Or you can just hold on to the old stuff, which is what a lot of organizations do.

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Circulating Ideas Kickstarter! Help another library podcast

The Circulating Ideas podcast is a killer cool show where Steve Thomas interviews and talks with librarians throughout the profession. They discuss trends, tech, events, and oh so much more! If you’re a fan of Cyberpunk Librarian, you should dig on Circulating Ideas too!

Right now, Steve is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund transcription of CI episodes! This is an amazingly good idea as it opens up the ideas and conversations shared on the show! He’s doing it right, because he wants to use a professional transcriber and that kind of thing costs money. Check it out and, if you’re feeling the interest, contribute to the effort!

Episode 30 – Intragalactic Librarian

The Cyberpunk Librarian podcast turns 30! (Well, 30 episodes.) Join Dan for something different and fun, an original story time done in the style of a radio show. It’s pulp sci-fi with a library twist as we blast off with Intragalactic Librarian!

Side note: I’ve marked this episode as explicit because of a bit of language here and there. Nothing too offensive, but more swearing than I normally indulge in during an episode!


If you like the show, download a copy of the story to take with you! Available in ePub and Mobi (Kindle) formats!

Intragalactic Librarian Part OneePub | Mobi

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