Episode 39 Featured

From the frozen north of Flagstaff, AZ — the Cyberpunk Librarian talks digital signage and setting it up at your library! Join Dan for a special episode of the show, recorded live during his talk at the 2015 Arizona Library Association Annual Conference!


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My slides, notes, and everything else referenced in the talk

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New Life by Teen Daze
Catching Rays by Psychedelik Pedestrian
Bellydance at Ebisu by Ryo Miyashita
Crowd chatter and talking from Freesound.org

Episode 38 Featured

Sometimes you need an eBook, article, musical track, movie, or something like that. Sometimes that thing isn’t available through the normal channels. You’ve tried, but you just can’t put your hands on it. The system is letting you down. Facing a time crunch, trying to help, you need to go outside and around the system. And for that, there’s the Cyberpunk Librarian.





Awww yiss, chummers! Cyberpunk Librarian is back from an unexpected hiatus with a new show about notebooks!

Wait, notebook computers?

No, paper notebooks! But there is a tech twist to my notational madness as we get into how to keep a notebook where you can actually find the information you wrote down, even if it’s months or years ago. Welcome back to Cyberpunk Librarian!


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After an unexpected hiatus, the Cyberpunk Librarian is back with a show on Getting Things Done! Discover the tools, tips, and tricks for getting the job done and not working so hard to do it!



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