Send the Cyberpunk Librarian to Minneapolis! A Cyberpunk Librarian goes to IUG


My library was able to come through with funding after all! If you visited the donation site with an eye towards contributing, thank you so much! I really appreciate the effort. But now you can keep your money and use it for something really important.

Like burritos. Never underestimate the importance of really good burritos!

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Episode 26 – Busy Hands

Projects at work and projects at home! Join Daniel Messer, the Cyberpunk Librarian, for a look at some of the things he’s working on for money and for fun. Raspberry Pis, LAMPs, Minecraft, and more. After all, busy hands are happy hands!



To disable screen blanking and screen savers on Raspbian for Raspberry Pi, you need to edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Look for a section in the file labeled [SeatDefaults]. You’ll find several lines underneath it commented out with the # symbol. Remove the # symbol from the line xserver-command and change it to read

xserver-command=X -s 0 dpms

Save the file and reboot.

Music and Audio

Hypodemia by NeXuS

Destiny by Atomic Cat

Rocket by Kevin MacLeod

Bellydance at Ebisu by Ryo Miyashita

Sound effects courtesy of FreeSound.org



Cyberpunk Librarian at TechPhx! Let's have a talk

On the 15th of November, I was honoured to speak about podcasting and your audience at TechPhx, a lovely un-conference event held in Tempe, AZ! I love TechPhx because it’s a smaller conference but there is a lot of heart there. It’s not thousands of people wandering around a large space and you don’t see most of the things because it’s so big. No, TechPhx is a more intimate affair run by some really great folks. I went last year as an attendee and thoroughly enjoyed myself., so when they put out a call for speakers this year, I gave it a shot.

They accepted my idea and here’s the result! Go and check out the other speakers’ videos as well because there was a lot of great stuff at the conference this year! Or if you’d like to hear me prattle on about growing an audience, Knightwise, technology, and so on; then here’s your video!


Episode 25 – The Cyberpunk Behind Big Hero 6

Let’s step back from the tech for a bit from something fun and different! Join Dan for a look at the cyberpunk technology and tones of the Disney animated film Big Hero 6!


Hatsune Miku – Information about the virtual idol singer, or idoru, from Wikipedia.


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