A Perfect Candidate For A READ Poster

You know those READ posters you can get from the ALA? The ones with all the celebrities on them posing with a favourite book or a book somewhat connected to them? Some of those are okay. I really dig the Hugh Laurie poster, but that’s mostly because you could put Hugh Laurie on the cover of a phone book and I’d want a copy. I also like the America Ferrera poster, but for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway, here’s an interesting candidate for a READ poster. She’s a celebrity. She’s an independent film actress, an industrial musician, and a model. So she’s got that sort of multifaceted personality that would be great for a celebrity READ poster. She also loves books, especially the deep philosophical ones. She’s into Nietzsche and here, she’s posing with one of her current favourites. This proclivity for intellectual reading stands in stark contrast to the standard display of ignorance seen in most celebrities.

Her name is Marina Hantzis.

Never heard of her?

No big shock, as she doesn’t perform under that name. Also, I should come clean about the entertainment venue that she’s best known for.

Her stage name is Sasha Grey and she’s a well known, and one of the most sought after, porn stars in the industry.

Seriously, ALA, you keep making resolutions on stuff like gay marriage, Cuba, health care, war, and all other manners of stuff not even tangentially related to American Libraries. Isn’t it about time you put a well read, intelligent porn star on a poster as some kind of statement about something?


    1. I think the ALA would be awesome as an organization lobbying for the support of American libraries and librarians. They could tackle tough issues in library technology and act as a overall force to work with library vendors to secure fair prices for library needs. They could further the field of universal access and promote libraries as the cultural and community institutions that they are.

      I can’t wait for them to get started on that.

  1. Sasha Grey is much more than a porn star, I think she will be a very successful actress, humanitarian, and musician, just because she puts her heart into everything she’s done.

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