ALA Secrets

Some genius had a great idea and they set up an anonymous Twitter account called @alasecrets. It was there for anyone at ALA to post funny, sexy, and generally hilarious comments to. They gave out the password to the account so anyone could play.

Well, it saddens me that a member of the library profession took exception to @alasecrets and shut it down by logging in and changing the password. They protected the updates thereafter so, supposedly, people couldn’t see them.

You’re going to have to pardon my language here but FUCK that. I despise censorship in any form and I especially loathe the idea that a librarian shut down that Twitter account. So I did something about it.

I set up another anonymous Twitter account, @ALASecrets2009. But instead of giving out the password, I’ve set it up so anyone can post to it via SMS or e-mail. So if you’re at ALA 2009 Conference and want to post something funny, secretive, sexy or whatever; you have three options at your disposal. Send a message to: (Direct to Twitter, but it may lag.) (Posts via an RSS feed.) (I’ll post these by copy/paste.)

Absolutely no information will be retained from these methods of posting and the manual feed ( will be shut down after the conference is over. Any questions, just leave them in a comment!


  1. LOL! (Literally, laughing out loud, and at the front desk!)

    You’re welcome! And if anyone knows who set up the original @alasecrets account, tell ’em I owe them dinner and drinks for an incredibly brilliant idea!

  2. So what is the technique for doing this twitter intervention? I’d like to try this at another conference in the future. Can you tell us how? Great idea! Thanks.

  3. Sure, Anthony, I can certainly do that! I’ll write it up and post it here very soon!

    Don’t worry, there’s really nothing to it though. I was able to do it during interruptions in my work day.

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