Change in Action: Strategies and Leadership

Daniel April 8, 20148:28 am

Starting around 11:30 DC time!

Daniel April 8, 20148:31 am

Nate Hill and Tod Colgrove are presenting today.

Daniel April 8, 20148:31 am

Even the word change can cause that panicky feeling.

Daniel April 8, 20148:32 am

Change isn’t painful so much as the resistance to change is painful.

Daniel April 8, 20148:33 am

Sometimes Tod doesn’t have much luck with plans. It’s all he can handle to move forward.

Relevant Doghouse Diaries cartoon on slide!

Daniel April 8, 20148:34 am

The library he worked in wasn’t exactly the busiest place.

Daniel April 8, 20148:34 am

So…. where *was* everybody?

Daniel April 8, 20148:35 am

Geographically, on campus, the library was positioned within the heart of its community.

You’d walk through the building to get from one place to another.

Daniel April 8, 20148:36 am

As things go, there wasn’t much of a reason for the students to come to the library.

So first, face reality and then decide where you want to go.

Daniel April 8, 20148:37 am

We should go from “The Quiet Library” to a “Vibrant Knowledge Centre.”

Daniel April 8, 20148:38 am

Create activity! Bring them in with *gasp* things they want!

Non-traditional materials, writing on the walls (whiteboard paint), create a space for people to go to… Make it a destination.

Daniel April 8, 20148:38 am

White boards are expensive, but white board paint is cheaper. Want white boards, PAINT THEM ON THE WALL.

Daniel April 8, 20148:40 am

What we’re doing that worked:
1. Breaking rules and dreaming

2. Opening doors and listening.

3. Trusting and being trustworthy.

4. Experimenting and iterating together.

5. Seeking fairness, not advantage.

6. Erring, failing, and persisting.

Daniel April 8, 20148:40 am

Trust quicker. We don’t trust enough and we don’t trust *soon* enough.

Daniel April 8, 20148:41 am

Repeat the process – it’s lather, rinse, repeat.

Daniel April 8, 20148:41 am

The Rainforest – Recommended book

Daniel April 8, 20148:42 am

In the rainforest, can you tell what’s a weed or not?

Daniel April 8, 20148:43 am

When we think about innovation systems, the greatest productivity comes from environments that resemble not cropland, but rainforests.

Daniel April 8, 20148:44 am

Bootstrap engagement! BREAK RULES AND PLAY.

They made a bomb car based on an atomic bomb. 🙂

Daniel April 8, 20148:45 am

“When I say kid, in this case, I mean he’s the Associate Dean of the colleges.”

Daniel April 8, 20148:45 am

Arduino, WordPress Camps, engage around events.

Daniel April 8, 20148:46 am

White board wall competition – Just to get people using them and now they can’t get people off of them.

Daniel April 8, 20148:46 am

Science fair? No. MAKER Fair. They brought in Bill Nye.

Daniel April 8, 20148:47 am

They brought in Michio Kaku for a lecture series.

Daniel April 8, 20148:47 am

Encourage and catalyze innovation –

You need to be out there, amongst your people. And *yes* they are *your* people.

Daniel April 8, 20148:49 am

This student came in and printed out protein molecules using the 3D printer. He’s now just about ready to knock out his masters degree in biotechnology.

That’s just one example, one story of engagement.

Daniel April 8, 20148:49 am

Fail faster. If you fail, you’re closer to succeeding because you’re no longer doing something wrong. Learn and move.

Daniel April 8, 20148:50 am

And now, Nate Hill.

The 4th Floor and Library Transformation
Chattanooga Public Library – Asst. Director