Coffee House Productivity

A_small_cup_of_coffeeMy friend, the lovely and intelligent Jessica Olin, shared this with me earlier this week.

I should do one of those Lifehacker style “I’m Daniel Messer, Web Content Manager, and this is how I work” articles. In the meantime, let me share this with you. When I work, I listen to music.

I listen to music because I love music and because it can get a little too quiet around here. I don’t care if the music has lyrics are not. Sometimes I want instrumental music, other times I want music with words. It all depends on my mood. Still, this little website helps.

When it’s too quiet, I can’t work. When it’s too loud, I can’t work. When there’s just a little bustle and commotion, say the kind you could find in a decent coffee shop, that’s perfect. There is life and motion around me and that actually helps me accomplish stuff. Well, thanks to Coffitivity, I get a slice of coffee shop ambiance right here at my desk. Combined with music on Spotify, mix the volumes just a touch, and I am off and running. Coffitivity continuously loops, but not in such a way you’d really notice. It’s well done and wonderful.

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