Cyberpunk Librarian and Knightwise!

Okay, super excited right now!

A while back I accidentally fell over a podcast by an awesome Belgian tech podcaster called Knightwise. He’s got a great voice, awesome taste in music, and he gave a name to what I do and have done for a long time. See, I use everything. When someone asks me, “Hey, Dan, what kind of computer do you use at home?” or “What mobile device do you use?” I literally respond with:

“Which one? I use all of them.”

I have a desktop computer set up as a web and file server and it runs Windows 7. It lives under the table holding my my Mac Mini running OS X. My job issued me a computer running Windows 7. I have Linux installed on a second desktop and a second laptop that runs Kubuntu. My smartphone is an iPhone 4s running iOS 6 and my personal laptop is, as you can see below, an Android. I use everything for the same reason a woodworker might have three different saws, half a dozen hammers, and a huge selection of files and planes – because some tools are better than others for specific jobs.

Knightwise calls this “sliding” from OS to OS and people who do this are called “sliders.”

Made perfect sense to me. So I’ve listened to and enjoyed his show for a while now and, when he sent out a call for guest bloggers, I figured, sure why not? It’d be kinda cool to say “My writing also appeared on, a site with hacks, tips, and tweaks for cross platform geeks.” I responded to him with some links to my work, but he didn’t want me to guest blog.

He wanted video!

So I did just that! It went live today so please, check out the Knightwise podcast if you’re of a geeky bent, and then hit up the video to see how I use cross platform software and techniques at work!

Big shouts of thanks to Knightwise for the opportunity to roll a video for his site!

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