Cyberpunk Librarian – Shooting This Weekend!

While there hasn’t been a new Cyberpunk Librarian video for a long time, I haven’t abandoned that project. It’s something that I really enjoy doing and care about doing but, as you know, life can sometimes get in the way. A little less than a year ago, I got a new job. I still work for the same library system, but now I’m their Web Content Manager and that was, quite frankly, a huge adjustment. See, I worked Circulation and Public Services for almost the entirety of my library career. I’ve always had a strong tech background and expertise in various computer systems, but I swore I’d never work library IT.

To be honest, I still don’t. I’m not a tech, I’m a web guy. I make things and put them on the web. I help keep the library’s website running and provide fresh content for the site. I do design and graphic work with some video making here and there. In the end, I had a lot to adjust to as I went from working the front desk to going downtown to the administrative offices every day. It’s been a big change but I think I finally have some kind of handle on the reality of the new position. With that, I’m ready to return to the show!

Cyberpunk-Librarian-Logo-White-BackgroundI’ve been working on some scripting and ideas for the next Cyberpunk Librarian. I want to return with something fun, funny, and useful. I wasn’t kidding at the end of the last show about looking at video editing software, and I still intend to do just that. I’ll be making a few changes to the format of the show. They’ll be shorter, maybe 20 minutes max. From what I’ve seen on YouTube, 20 minutes is a good length for an average show. If you think about it, that makes sense. Even a 30 minute TV show is more like 20 minutes when you take out the commercials. I’ll be more engaging and I’ll be working to build a channel not just of Cyberpunk Librarian stuff,  but other library tech things as well. The biggest thing is that I’ll be shooting most, if not all, the principle video this weekend for a new episode! I’ll edit it that following week and get a new episode up very soon!

Beyond the job, I wanted other things in place before I got back in the saddle of video making for YouTube. I wanted to get some better equipment in place for the show. I’ve got a different computer for Linux work, I’ve got a Mac for editing, and I’ve got a Windows server for heavy lifting and content transfer. I’ll talk about my set-up in a future show. Heck, I’d like to discuss my full set up and philosophy in a show, so watch for that. There are things I’d like to acquire to make the show better, but they’ll have to wait and come a piece at a time. I’ve thought about setting up a Kickstater or IndieGoGo campaign, but seriously, I don’t think that many people would contribute. Either way, new shows and new content are on the way and, as things go, the quality and content should hopefully continue to improve!

I’ve just started a new Google+ page just for the show, if you’d like to subscribe, I’ll be talking about the show and stuff over there. You’ll see behind the scenes stuff, notes, links, and more as time goes on!

Thanks for sticking with me, and the show will go on!

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