Cyberpunk Librarian – The Movie!

Well, no , not really.

But I do have an absolutely huge announcement regarding the Cyberpunk Librarian podcast!

I took a hiatus not because I didn’t have stuff to talk about, but because the things I wanted to talk about in upcoming episodes had a strong visual component. Seriously, no spoilers here…. Coming soon, a show on video editors and what your library could do with them.

Video editors.

You kind of have to see that to really get anything out of it. So I asked myself, “Why not do a video episode?” And that quickly became “Why not just do video episodes, period?”

So I will. Here’s a teaser, a taste, if you will, of what’s to come. By using video, we can share things on a more meaningful level. I won’t have to explain where that one little thingy is you click on to make something awesome happen, I can just show you and then I can show you what happens. We can all see why it’s cool and how it could be useful for you, your library, and your patrons.

Now then, the audio portion isn’t going away. There will always be an audio version available through the same iTunes subscription. So if you’re the download and listen while you drive kind of person, great. You still can! Still, you might want to dig on the video anyway because, after all, there’s a lot more to see there!

So, join me. The first show goes live in about two weeks. I’ve already started writing and shooting bits for it. And hey, at the very least, it’s a library show. Your boss should totally let you watch it at work!

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