Cyberpunk Librarian Vlog 001 – Projecting Yourself

The Cyberpunk Librarian returns with a new vlog!

I’m still working on the show, and the show will be back soon! However, in the meantime I’d like to try some shorter videos about quick topics. I’m also making use of what I consider to be wasted time, driving. I drive quite a bit and I figured, you know, rather than listening to the radio or a podcast — why not create something? So I’m trying this out, car vlogs. Nothing new really, but I don’t think there are all that many about different aspects of libraries and library technology.

On this episode, I talk about my set-up for projecting any tablet or eInk reader on a screen via a digital projector or big-screen television. Doesn’t matter if you have cables, doesn’t matter if it’s a Nook Simple Touch and cables don’t even exist for it. You can put it on screen for those eReader classes for staff and public, and here’s how!

Show Notes:

Simple, but effective.

Simple, but effective.

As you can see from the picture, my setup is pretty easy. I use:

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