Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

One of the things I do where I work is make little promotional images for our 3M self-check-out machines. I’m kind of into digital signage as a thing, so this work is right up my alley. Today, one of the Techs I work with let me know that a new self-check was up and running and ready for some promos. I uploaded a set, and let her know they were ready. She said “Thanks for making pretty promos!”

And this is a quick look at how things went down in my brain:

  1. “Pretty promos.”
  2. “Pretty promos” is approximately equal to “Pretty ponies.”
  3. Heh, “pretty ponies,” that’s funny.
  4. My Little Pony
  5. My Little Promo
  6. Hrmmmm I wonder if I can find a decent picture of Fluttershy?

And then this happened. Yes, it’s the proper size for the promos on the self-checks. That’s kinda the point. 🙂

My Little PromoLook, I never claimed to be normal.


    1. LOL! (Literally!)

      Glad you liked it! I don’t do the 3M promos anymore, but a hard copy of that is hanging on the wall of my cube. 🙂

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