Far Better and More Useful Than a Wallet

One fine day I was trying to find something in my wallet and, not being able to, I decided to clean it out and figure out exactly what I needed. As things go, I carried a lot of crap that I didn’t need — business cards of people I was never going to call, receipts for stuff I bought a month ago, and so on. When I pared everything down, I found out that, 99% of the time, I needed three things:

  • My driver’s license.
  • My debit card.
  • My medical insurance card.

That was it. I didn’t need anything else. So I ditched the wallet and started looking for something more useful. For a week I meandered around with just my three cards in my pocket before I came up with something better, and I’ve grown to love it because it combines things I love with things I need. Simply put, I no longer carry a wallet, I carry an eReader.

I’ve had a Kindle eInk for months and I carried it in my computer bag which goes with me whenever I’m off to work, or wherever I need a computer. I’ve got well over a hundred books in it, some of which I just like to read whenever the notion hits. I bought it secondhand from someone selling it on Craigslist and, soon after, I acquired a inexpensive, generic eReader case from Target. It fits the Kindle perfectly, keeps it padded and protected, and provides a pocket for a charging cable.

Odd that — the pocket for the cable. The eInk stays charged for weeks, so carrying a cable wasn’t all that big a deal to me. So why not carry my hundreds of books along with my three cards? I tossed my cards into the cable pocket along with my business cards and my parking garage RFID badge. Now, granted, the downside is that this bit of kit doesn’t fit in my pocket, but when I carried my wallet, it always bothered me in my back pocket anyway. I had to shift in my seat and occasionally remove my wallet altogether because it was uncomfortable. So that’s not much of a change really, I just carry my wallet around with me. All my stuff is, quite literally, well at hand, and I have a tonne of books ready for reading.

As a librarian and a book fiend, that’s a hard combination to beat.

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