I’m Going to Computers in Libraries!

My library was very kind and I’m very lucky to be heading for the 2013 Computers in Libraries conference next week! I’m flying out on Sunday and leaving Wednesday afternoon. If ya see me around, say hi or drop a line via the contact info below! I’m all for meeting up for lunch or drinks and stuff!

Beyond that, looking at the line up, I’m pretty excited — especially from the point of view of my job as a library web content manager and web designer. There’s a great web presence and UX track that I’m looking forward to diving into and, besides all that, I’ll be seeing some friends that I rarely get to see!

So if you’re heading for CiL too, you can reach me via @bibrarian on Twitter, SMS and Google Voice at (480) 389-4070, or cyberpunklibrarian@gmail.com.

Hope to see some of you there!

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