I’m Somewhat, Not Really, Locally Famous!

Secret-Lives-Smaller-WebA while back, the good folks at the Arizona Library Association (aka AzLA) contacted me about a project they were working on. They wanted to get pictures of librarians doing non-librarian things for a thing they were doing. I figured it was some kind of Tumblr blog or website dealie or something. I told them, well, I don’t go skydiving and I’m bereft of firearms… perhaps you’d like something of me as a podcaster?

They agreed so I did some photography, some Photoshoppery, and sent it on.

Then I totally forgot about it.

So I’m wandering around the 2013 AzLA Annual Conference and looking at stuff and talking to people and then I go outside and sit down to wait for the next session to start. One of my co-workers came out and asked me if I’d seen my picture?

What picture?

The one on all the brochures and their big poster at the membership booth.

You soul. I will swallow it.

You soul. I will swallow it.


She handed me one of their fliers, lovingly printed on glossy card stock and, sure enough, there I am. I sauntered inside later and my head was on the membership poster, looking down upon various conference goers with a stare that even I couldn’t help but see as menacing.

Oh well, I’m happy they found a use for my weird head and I hope they got a few new memberships out of it!

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