It Seems To Me That I’ve Heard of This Idea Before

So let me get this straight… wants to start up a subscription service related to its upcoming new Kindle tablet and the words being bandied about to describe this service is “Netflix for eBooks.” So lets see here, basically:

  1. One joins an organization, in this case Amazon.
  2. After joining that organization, one is allowed to take a book out and read it.
  3. When they are done with the book, they return it, and then they can get another book or two.


  1. Ahh…but Amazon wants to charge them a fee, as in subscriptions. So hopefully for Amazon people will get used to paying just like cable etc. Looks like a cash cow to me if they can pull it off. Lots of Kindles out there and they want books to read at better rates. Depends on the price whether it will be worth it or not.

    Amazon will never bend to the industry standard epub format in my opinion.

  2. True, but there’s a snag. See the rumoured development is that everyone who purchases a new tablet Kindle will get a certain amount of free Amazon Prime along with the book subscription thing.

    Truth is, libraries charge people a fee too. We just bury it in their taxes. Amazon charges a fee for Sprint 3G wireless on some Kindles, they just bury it in the cost.

    At least, for the next few years, things will be anything but boring.

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