Mark it Down with MarkdownPad

I scribble notes everywhere. I’m not one of those people who makes tonnes of lists with check marks and to-dos and all of that. However I typically have at least two, usually three, notepads around me along with Evernote open on my computer and probably good ol’ fashioned Notepad hanging out somewhere too. Thing is, sometimes I want more.

Not more in the “I need more notepads” way, but more in the “jeez, I wish I could make this bold and give it a header” and separate things. Evernote can do that, but you know, I don’t always need to store every little note I write in the cloud. Sometimes, probably most of the time, when the project is done I don’t need the notes anymore.

So there’s this thing, a method of creating HTML without using HTML. It’s simple, easy to learn, and it’s called Markdown. Markdown makes it easy to make good looking text files that are far more useful than straight ASCII. On my Windows machines, there’s a great Markdown app that’s as easy as Notepad and gives you a live preview of your Markdown as you type – MarkdownPad.

MarkdownPad is simple and elegant, everything an app should be. It doesn’t pretend to be more than it’s not. It’s a notepad that allows you to generate a Markdown file that you can save as text or export to HTML. Take a look, here’s me fiddling about in it to show you what it can do.



Beyond creating Markdown in a simple and elegant way, MarkdownPad also comes through with some pretty nifty features like distraction free mode, keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to customize your Markdown via CSS. It’s free, easy, and perfect for those tasks where you need notes, but simple ASCII isn’t going to cut it. I’m seriously considering using it to rewrite some documentation I’ve done at work.

MarkdownPad is for Windows only but since most everyone I know uses Windows at work if not at home, that’s not a huge deal-breaker. Check it out, it could totally change the way you do notes.


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