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Hopefully you’re here because you either heard me talk about Minecraft at a library or you listened to an episode of Cyberpunk Librarian where we dove into the wonderful world of Minecraft and libraries! Either way, welcome! I have some resources for you that I’ve talked about in classes and on the show. This isn’t an exhaustive list and, while some of the material is dated, I think it all provides a decent overview of the world of Minecraft, the game, and why so many people love it. Beyond that, I hope you’ll get some ideas for how you can incorporate Minecraft into your library events and programming!

The Official Minecraft Wiki

minecraft-1290686_640Look, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably a librarian or a library professional. When you need answers, you know where to go. You know where to get the information and what the best sources are to get the right answer right now. If you have a question about Minecraft, whether it’s how to build something, how to brew a potion, how to craft an item, or what the heck that thing is that’s trying to kill you… start with The Official Minecraft Wiki. Sure, there are thousands of sites out there about how to do things in Minecraft and some of them are really well done.

But when it comes to that general knowledge, how do I do a thing in Minecraft question? The Wiki has your back.


There are tonnes of videos on YouTube about Minecraft, playing Minecraft, building things in Minecraft, modifying Minecraft, and far beyond. I’ve selected these videos because they’re an excellent walkthrough the world and what you can make within it. The videos embedded below are YouTube playlists, you can click the video to be taken straight to the playlist on YouTube if you like. Most of the videos are between 15 and 30 minutes in duration.

Coe’s Quest

Coe’s Quest is a series where a soft spoken man walks you through Minecraft. Mines are mined, structures are built, and Redstone is utilized. If you like Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting, you’re going to like Coe’s Quest. It’s an older set of videos, but it’s a perfect gateway into what the world of Minecraft was and how it evolved. Many of the principles of the game remain the same today. And remember, never dig straight down.

Muse Farms

Okay, so you’re going to have to bear with some swearing and language because Shawn, aka the Minecraft Muse, isn’t afraid to drop an expletive every so often. However, Muse Farms remains one of the best video series when it comes to a focus on building things in Minecraft. He covers basic structure to accoutrements to decor to automation and Redstone.

Etho Plays Minecraft

One of the longest let’s play series on YouTube, Etho is a Minecraft genius. He builds a massive world around him and shows off all of the features and things to do within the game. From the first block to complicated Redstone circuitry and brewing potions, Etho is fun to watch and it’s amazing how big his world grew!


Books and eBooks

BookSince I’ve both taught this class at work and rolled out a podcast or two about it, I’m including links here to items on the local public access catalogue and WorldCat. That way the local folks can check their library and everyone else can search for the item at libraries nationwide!

Just for Fun

Keep in mind, Minecraft is a game, and it’s supposed to be fun! Here are a couple of things to keep that in the spirit of things!

The first is a video series from Kurt J Mac, a guy who holds the world record for the most ground covered in Minecraft. His series, Far Lands or Bust, is a Minecraft experience that’s a little bit podcast, a little bit Minecraft, a little bit nerdy, and totally fun! He’s been walking since 2011 to reach the Far Lands, and he’ll still have about 20 years to go. I guess he better get going then!

Finally, you can’t play Minecraft very long without hearing some of the most beautiful, soothing music in all of gaming. This is the work of a German musician and audio engineer named Daniel Rosenfeld, better known as C418. If you happen to be a Spotify user, you can check out his Minecraft music anytime! It’s fantastic for getting work done or just zoning out. (Or both!)