Notes from the 2014 Polaris Users Group

I was going to live blog my notes from the 2014 PUG Conference but there’s a rather large snag with that plan. Apparently there’s no conference-wide wifi, at least nothing that I can get working. As such, I’m popping through my phone’s hotspot feature to post this from what has turned out to be the outskirts of the Internet, aka Syracuse, New York.

Oh well, it could be worse. The hotel I’m staying in has free wifi available and that’s pretty awesome right there. Too many hotels charge for wifi but offer free ice. Guess which one I’d rather have for free.

Anyway, as I’m able, I’ll be posting updates to a public Evernote notebook I created for the conference. If you have an interest in what’s shaking in the world of Polaris ILS, then here’s your link.

If you happen to be hanging out at the con, find me and say hi! I’m the weirdo walking around wearing the Kubuntu hat.

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