Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 53 – Free and Mine
Cyberpunk Librarian

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Sometimes it’s far harder than it should be to find that academic paper or research article. Papers and journals are locked behind paywalls, paywalls that don’t matter to your patrons. So let Dan help you break the walls down, and get those articles you and your patrons need!


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  • Google Scholar – Start here whenever you’re looking for a scholarly article.
  • Unpaywall – For Firefox and Chrome. Looks for legal access to scholarly articles.
  • DOAJ – The Directory of Open Access Journals. Almost 10,000 journals an over 2.5 million articles.
  • Arxiv – Pronounced “Archive,” this is a massive ePrint server from the Cornell University Library. You’ll find open access to over 1.3 million articles on a variety of subjects.
  • Sci-Hub – Open access to scientific and academic research.
  • Library Genesis – Over 2 million eBooks, magazines, and articles.
  • Sci-Hub Links for Chrome – Turn those DOIs and Pubmed links into Sci-Hub links.
  • IBT – Two-thirds of the world’s academic papers are now on Sci-Hub
  • r/Scholar – The scholarly article subreddit.


Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 52 – Download Everything
Cyberpunk Librarian

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After a way–to-long hiatus due to some bad craziness with moving, promotions, and upgrades… The Cyberpunk Librarian is back! Join Dan as he shares his tools and techniques for downloading massive amounts of, well… everything!


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Without getting into the banal details here, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m in the midst of rebooting the site! As I was prepping the transfer from GoDaddy over to my new home at SiteGround I was looking at the content that lay outside of the podcasts and thought to myself:

You know what? I really don’t need to keep any of this stuff.

I really don’t write a lot of blog posts here on Cyberpunk Librarian, not anymore and certainly not like I used to. So I decided to do something a bit radical – reboot the site as nothing but podcasts, with maybe an update post as needed. But I hit a problem early along the way and there’s only one way to fix it, or at least fix it easily.

One of the reasons I left GoDaddy was because the service I’d subscribed to for web hosting didn’t support the newer versions of PHP. When you’re running a WordPress based site, that can be bad news. It can be bad news from the upgrade-ability of your CMS, from the standpoint of security for your website, and especially for your WordPress plugins and extensions. WordPress gets a major update every now and then as they work on the project. Meanwhile, an extension or plugin can get a major update because it’s Thursday.

That’s kind of what happened with the plugin I use to publish the podcasts. Seriously Simple Podcasting totally broke one fine day because it now requires a version of PHP higher than what GoDaddy offers on my web hosting package. At that point, I literally couldn’t activate the plugin anymore.

Well, damn.

I’d been thinking about leaving GoDaddy hosting for a while, and now seemed like a pretty good time to go. I asked for advice as to where a library minded guy could host a library tech podcast using WordPress and I got a response from a friend of mine, Polly-Alida Farrington. Now, when the lady who literally wrote the book on WordPress in libraries recommends a WordPress hosting solution… you should probably listen. And that’s how I wound up on SiteGround.

So because the Seriously Simply Podcasting plugin was broken on GoDaddy, it was difficult to transfer the podcasting information over to SiteGround. As such, I’ll have to re-post all of the podcast episodes here on the new site. I’ve gotten started on that and it’ll take a few days, but we should be back up and running and a (mostly) podcast focused site here very soon!

And then, after that, finally, new episodes!

Cyberpunk Librarian – Quick Update
Cyberpunk Librarian

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Just a quick update from Dan on why he’s been radio silent for a while, what’s going on, and no the show isn’t dead!