Advanced PowerPAC Customization


You must be here because you attended my presentation about Advanced PowerPAC Customization at the Arizona Polaris Local Users Group. Or maybe because you caught it at the Innovative Users Group. Heck, someone might have told you about it or you stumbled across this on accident. Either way, welcome!


So I have a few things for you.

An Evernote file full of information and code snippets along with real world examples about how I use them within our PowerPAC.

My slides from the presentation.

A zip file with all the code I mentioned during the presentation. You’ll find an example of our portal page which contains the JavaScript, C#, CSS, and HTML used to create the front page of the PAC. I’ve also included the images and external JavaScript called within the index.html file. Indeed, this is literally a zip file containing our portal page.

Slide Code Generator on GitHub. Requires AutoHotkey or you can simply download the executable.

Questions? By all means, ask them! I’ll share code and ideas and I’d love to hear yours!

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