Welcome to the relaunch of the Cyberpunk Librarian podcast!

I’m back on the airwaves, or at the very least a wireless router or two, with a new podcast that’s pretty similar to the old podcast. As much as I love video and making videos, I find I just don’t have the time right now to roll them out as I’d like to. Meanwhile, I can make a podcast in an hour or so, and that’s start to finish. (Plus a little time to create an outline and stuff, but that can be done over the course of a week.)

On this, the first episode of the relaunch, we’re going to talk about writing a book and paying nothing for software!


  • Kubuntu Linux – Probably the easiest way to get Linux and KDE.
  • Kate – The text editor for KDE. Comes standard with most installations of KDE.
  • LibreOffice – The free, open source office suite.
  • Writer2ePub – Create ePubs from your documents in LibreOffice Writer.
  • Calibre – eBook management, eBook conversion, and so much more.
  • XFCE – A lightweight desktop for Linux. You can easily get it with Xubuntu.
  • LXDE – Another lightweight desktop for Linux. You can easily get it with Lubuntu.
  • I mentioned the Knight Wise podcast. Check it out!


Ryo Miyashita – Bellydance at Ebisu

Carroll – Billionaire

My books

All my Rattling On: Essays, Musings, and Rants about Libraries, Technology, and Science

Hyperlinked History: A Multifaceted Journey Through Time


You can always drop me a line at cyberpunklibrarian@gmail.com or via my contact form. (Which goes to the same address.)

Not much to see here, folks! I’m just making sure some things work as needed!

New episodes coming really soon!