Unexpectedly Launching Monday – The Return of Cyberpunk Librarian!


I was uploading the first video for my video relaunch of Cyberpunk Librarian to YouTube. It’s a big video, something like 18 minutes and, in HD, so you’re looking at 1.9 GB in size. Dandy. Set it up this morning, start the upload, and walk away for a few hours. I know this is going to take some time, but that’s cool. I’ve got other things I can do and it’ll be ready round about noonish.

YAY! It’s done! All righty then, let’s get this tagged and…

Your video has been removed because it’s too long. Sorry about that.


Apparently, YouTube has this thing that you have to do to verify your account if you want to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Basically, you need to provide your cell phone number and they text you a verification code and then you can upload movies longer than 15 minutes.

Huh. I forgot to know that.

So yeah, video rejected. Not a problem. I’ll verify my account and, after all, it’s right there in my video manager, maybe they’ll unlock it after I verify my account.



Okay. So I’ll reupload it again… tonight… when I won’t care that my Internet connection is completely saturated. Then I can get it ready to go for Monday.

And thus- Monday, July 2nd: The Return of the Cyberpunk Librarian!

(audio will be available as well through the same iTunes feed as always)

And hey, at least we know how things work now.

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