8 Bit Brit Looking at Brit Lit

An Atari joystick

Tired: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Wired: Euro Truck Simulator
Inspired: British Library Simulator

Spend a relaxing time at the British Library, lovingly recreated in 8-bit style graphics using an open source game engine. You'll marvel at a style of gaming you haven't seen since the Atari 2600! Wander the stacks, talk with the other patrons (quietly, please!), and discover some lovely facts and features about this monumental library. Just make sure you leave your coat and bag at the cloakroom before heading into the Reading Room so as not to upset the librarian!

The British Library Simulator is part of the Library's Emerging Formats Collection, an effort to collect and offer interactive works to the public.

Get your game on, and go wander around the Library for a bit, as a bit.