New York Public Library at night

I Made a Thing That I Wanted Made but No One Made It Yet

JonTron is a YouTuber my kids and I love to watch, especially his older stuff where he talks about video games. He's hilarious and insightful and puts a unique spin on the "angry game reviewer" style of entertainment. His video game related content ranges from bootleg Pokemon games to the history of Barbie video games, and it's in the latter than he did something I thought wasn't just funny, it was awesome.

He's trying to get to the bottom of who Barbie really is, so he heads out to the New York Public Library to do some research. He walks into the door, and then there's a blur cut to him walking out of another door with a stack of books and shouting "They're givin' out free stuff in there!"

As a librarian, that made me laugh even louder than I did at the other jokes in the video. I've referred to the scene in emails, conversations, social media interactions, and more. Thing is, I thought that someone would've made an animated GIF of that scene. Certainly there was a librarian out there who saw that video, had a similar reaction, and then made a GIF... right?

Well, if someone did, I can't find it. This morning, I wrote a blog post on the company intranet about library check-out receipts going viral and I wanted to use an animated GIF of that scene. I hit up Giphy and found nothing. Google Images wasn't helpful either. A general search failed to turn up what I so desperately sought.

FINE. I'll make my own animated GIF, with hookers and blackjack!

Actually, I just snagged the video off YouTube using youtube-dl, imported it into iMovie, cut what I needed, killed the audio, exported an MP4, and then ran it through EZGIF to get the animated GIF that I craved. Sometimes, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

So here. Maybe some other librarian would like to use the GIF for something. As Marie Kondo says, "It sparks joy." Right click and have a copy for yourself. I've got it in large and small.

And I uploaded it to Giphy too, with fairly decent tags and keywords.

Animated GIF of JonTron leaving a library and shouting "They're givin' out free stuff in there!"
Animated GIF of JonTron leaving a library and shouting "They're givin' out free stuff in there!"