Warren County, Kentucky boasts a population around 123,000 and almost half of that lives in Bowling Green. Life in the Green is fairly laid back, especially for a college town. At one point, the town had the highest concentration of restaurants per capita in the United States. White Squirrel Brewery serves up excellent beer and food, or you can pop over to Dublin's for a sense of Ireland. Me, I'm carrying a sense of Ireland everywhere I go, but it's nice to have a pint at the pub.

There are radio stations named with double entendres like the Goober, the Beaver, and Woohoo. Thankfully, there's a college radio stationwith some life to to it broadcasting at FM 91.7 WWHR - The Revolution (have a listen

Tanglewood Hill
Tanglewood Hill

Of course, there's Tanglewood Hill, the name I bestowed upon my house because it seems the kind of house that deserves a name. It may not be the most creative name, but it's honest and descriptive as the house does indeed sit at the foot of a hillside covered in a tanglewood forest. My friend says it sounds like the name of a gothic romance. I was going for something a little spookier, as the cosmos knows Kentucky has its fair share of spirits.

And within the town of Bowling Green you'll find three of the four branches of Warren County Public Library. The fourth branch resides in Smiths Grove, half an hour to the northeast. WCPL is a beautiful library system rolling Polaris ILS 6.0 and offering digital materials from OverDrive, Hoopla, RBdigital, and Freegal. My son and I hit up their main branch this weekend to grab cards and check out some local history, literally. I wanted to grab a couple of books on the Civil War in Kentucky so I could figure out which battlefields I wanted to visit. The American Civil War interests me, but I only know the most superficial aspects of it, and certainly nothing about Kentucky specifically. Thankfully, there were plenty to choose from. I snagged:

While running a finger down the shelf, I also found a book on the history of broadcasting in Nashville, which piqued my interest:

I'll go through those in the next few days and get a better idea of what to see and where to go when I'm looking for an excursion to the battlefields. I've further interests in the history of the battlefields and of the local Bowling Green area itself. But that's for another post. I require a little more research, and more time.


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