Working from home? Using Zoom? Yeah, stop it.

A camera lens with binary code rolling over it.

These are some headlines from the last few days, in no particular order. This company lies about its security, has repeatedly installed tracking software without disclosure, and has flaws so serious that "Zoom-bombing" is a thing.

Seriously, back in my younger days, I'd have totally gone Zoom-bombing. The entire concept alone fills me with a childish glee.

But I've not seen a company act this dishonestly, or this skeevy, since Uber.

Zoom isn’t actually end-to-end encrypted (The Verge)

How to secure your Zoom meetings from Zoom-Bombing attacks (Bleeping Computer)

Zoom sued for allegedly sharing users’ personal data with Facebook (CBS)

Zoom video app vulnerable to malicious link that exposes users’ email passwords (The Telegraph)

FBI warns of hackers hijacking online Zoom meetings, classes (New York Post)