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Dear Computer Generated Speech Software - Do better

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The period, in spoken English, functions much the same way as a comma. Most of this software pauses at commas, but blows right through periods. So we get sentences like:

Freezing mist is moving through your area over the next two hoursWhile the freezing mist may not reach the ground,


it could result in icy road conditionsDrive with caution.



Moescape -  A young woman looks out over a river town as the sun sets behind distant hills.


Updated my two Gogs servers (one for code, the other for writing) along with the Minecraft server. Not even sure if there was a new version of the Minecraft server, but I figure there should be one by now. Either way, it's running a fresh copy.


FINALLY - The first draft of chapter two of this book is done. Took far longer than I thought it would, but I'm pretty happy with the draft itself.

Now for the editing.


Anime - Space Battleship Yamato


Celebrity - Eartha Kitt and Marilyn Monroe having a spirited conversation.


Cyberpunk - a woman with dark skin, and glowing cybernetic enhancements.


Sometimes things come together when you least expect. Brainstorming some ideas for a new chapter in a series I'm working on and coming up with nothing. Until I write down one word, it takes me back to a conference I attended, and just like that -- I have 80% of a plotline.

Time to do a bit of noting, plotting, and then a whole lotta writing.