December 11, 2020

The moon


NASA officially announced their first selection of astronauts who are heading to the moon. Me, I'm just thrilled that they're calling this the Artemis programme. The last moon landing focused programme was called Apollo. For those playing the home game, Artemis is goddess of the moon, and Apollo is the god of the sun.

jwz has been hard at work on XScreenSaver, my preferred screensaver system for macOS and Linux. And v5.45 is out with some new goodies!

Why does Nintendo hate their fans and customers so damn much?

Astronauts have been smuggling booze into space for quite some time now. I can't wait until we find out who was the first one to launch with edibles.

11 open source forums you can install on a Linux server. Because sometimes, you need a BBS.

It's Time for Northerners to Give UP Outdated Prejudices About the American South - But is it though? I'm a guy who was born and raised in Washington State and now I live in Kentucky. I can confirm, lots of stereotypes are spot on.


Le Vent du Nord - Noce Tragique featuring Julie Fowlis

Great musicians who go great togeher!

Remnant by Crib

Headphones on, lads. Maybe a bit of an intoxicant to go with some truly intoxicating ambient that takes you to strange places.

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