December 30, 2020

A bugeisha - a female samurai


Some of the Deadliest Samurai Were Women, But History Forgot - Actually, can we just say that they were erased? Seems to be a thing that happens often to women in history.

Thirty Words for Field, 50 for Penis - Yeah, sounds like Irish to me. Manchán Magan on the language of Erin.

Facebook's Laughable Campaign Against Apple is Really Against Users and Small Businesses - Let's be clear about something: If Facebook is doing it, it's doing it for Facebook. It's not doing it for Facebook's users. It's not doing it for your Facebook page. It's sure as hell not doing it for small businesses. Facebook is out for Facebook and you should never think otheriwse.

Scientists Say There Was a Huge, Mysterious Object in the Early Solar System - This is one of those very human things where we believe that things kind of always looked as they do now, even though that's almost never the case. So it happens that things can change in a solar system over the course of 4.5 billion years.

Dozens of Al Jazeera Journalists Targeted in Apparent iOS Spyware Attack - People, update your shit. IT Departments, make sure employees update their shit, or better yet, do it for them. Everyone, the war on truth and journalism continues.

Attention Deficit Trait: How to Regain Focus In a Noisy World - I know this sounds like an old-fashioned idea, but it's okay to unplug. Indeed, it's something you should do.

Americans Don't Read... and That's Affecting Our Elections - I think it might be affecting more than just our elections.

A Supermassive Black Hole is Missing, NASA Says - Hey, has anyone seen a black hole laying around? It's... well, it's black. And it weights about 100 billion times as much as the sun. There's a galaxy cluster over here looking for it.

The Rich Are Trying to Skip the Line to Get Vaccinated - Did you know that you can build a really nice guillotine for only a couple hundred dollars? Maybe a bake sale to raise the money? I mean, if we can get five hundred dollars, we can build two guillotines, and that'll speed things up nicely.


Seriously, you're probably using your dishwasher wrong

Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat

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