January 26, 2020

Fogged in apartment buildings.


Biden's Pick to Lead FCC is a Big Supporter of Net Neutrality - About goddamn time. Ajit Pai was just another soldier in the war on truth and education.

Biden Admin Shocked to Discover No Vaccine Distribution Plan - Donald Trump, his family, his cronies, and his assorted retinue of hucklebuck insurrectionists really didn't give a shit about any of you. 400,000 people dead? They considered that a good start, I guess.

Ubuntu Comes to M1 Macs with New Linux Port - While I'm a fan of Apple, and I totally want one of the newer MacBook Airs... I'm going to say that what the Linux community needs to do is focus less on getting the OS running on Macs and focus more on making hardware that's comparable to Macs. Meanwhile, I'll run Linux in a VM.

I Saw the World on Cruise Ships - As it happens, the age old idea of going to sea so you can see the world still holds true. Call me Ishmael.

Bernie Sanders Reacts to Viral Innaguration Memes - Ya know, I love the memes, and I love Bernie. But as a guy who's gotten older over the last few years? I can sympathise with a dude attending an outdoor event, in Washington DC, in January, during a goddamn pandemic. I'd be masked and mittened too!

Modern Cyberpunk Keeps Forgetting the "Punk" - I'm of two minds about this one. While the article makes some good points, it's a bit narrow to limit the genre and terminology of cyberpunk in such a way.

Honk - Everything old is new again. Honk is a messaging app where you can see each other typing messages live, and in real time. You know... just like the WWIV BBS I ran back in 1992.

We're Working On the Issue - I would really like to play Cyberpunk 2077 someday, when it's not a colossal clusterfuck.

Why You Should Delete Email Instead of Archiving It - Easily summed up in this one quote: "...companies encourage you to never delete emails. They make a profit when your email account fills up, and you have to pay for a subscription to keep storing everything." But there's even more to it than that.


Carolina Chocolate Drops - Full Session

Reba McEntire - Live on Leno in 1995

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