Loituma - Now and Then

The Finnish folk group Loituma

Memes comes and go but some standards must remain. Ievan Polkka, as performed by the Finnish quartet Loituma, became a big thing in the mid-2000s as the backing music for an anime girl spinning a leek around in her hand.

Look, it's the Internet. It doesn't have to make sense.

When I first found a video of Loituma performing the song, it was this one right here.

It's a catchy tune, especially the freestyle "scatting" of  Hanni-Mari Autere.  I don't speak a word of Finnish, so I looked up a translation and yeah, it's a fun little ditty. It's about going out and dancing to polka music, even though Ieva's mother is wholly against it. Ieva (the girl referenced in the title) goes to a dance at the neighbour's house, meets a guy, and he proceeds to woo her. When Ieva's mother tries to step in and stop this, he basically tells her to GTFO or he's going to kick her ass.

So ya know, it's a family tune.

The song popped into my mind a couple of days ago so I searched for it on YouTube. That's when I found the video below and it hit me right in the feelings. I don't know, I guess it didn't occur to me that the original video was recorded in 1996. Given Hanni-Mari's age, she'd have been in her late twenties.

Fast-forward to 2019 and they're in the fifties. They've aged well, Hanni-Mari is still cute. Sari and Anita are amazing. And Timo is so lovably goofy. They're still goddamn magical, mes amis.

I cherish this kind of thing. The Internet can bring you a kind of immortality, where you're 27 years old forever. And it can also remind you that, ya know what? There's nothing wrong with reaching 50.