November 17, 2020

A gynoid sits among old and retro computers - a circular window is behind her.


GitHub reinstated youtube-dl and is establishing a $1 million defense fund for developers targeted by malicious DMCA. That sounds nice, but a million bucks doesn't go a long way towards fighting a multi-billion dollar corporation. Even better, in a stunning display of Streisand Effect, more youtube-dl like software started appearing seemingly out of nowhere

Cyberpunk RED, a long anticipated update to the Cyberpunk tabletop RPG series, is out and I rather enjoyed this review of it. Unlike other Cyberpunk games, this one launched on time.

Beyond the supernova there's the kilonova, an event that occurs when two neutron stars collide. Astronomers just saw the brightest one ever observed.

Some people think it'd be a really good idea to install spyware on library computers to protect copyrights and to monitor what library patrons are accessing from academic databases. Those people are fuckheads, but needless to say the big database vendors are interested. Me, I say that you should never ever follow this link to find millions of academic papers for free. Nor would I ever tell you that you can often contact the author(s) of an academic paper and request a copy, as they usually retain the rights to share their own work.

Remember when the Trump administration declared that TikTok was a threat to national security and imposed a deadline upon the company to sell off its US based assets? Funny, because the Trump administration apparently forgot all about it.



A Happy Meal box tells you that capitalism is failing, steal from your job, make art & buy ammo, all mainstream media is political propaganda, and laws don't exist.

Daniel Deluxe - Almaz

Maire Brennan - Ce Leis

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