November 20, 2020

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Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive - Games, cartoons, puzzles, and more. I like it, but it needs more Homestar Runner

Nintendo shuts down a Smash Bros Tournament - See, Nintendo doesn't really like it when you use technology to enhance their games and open then up to new things they couldn't do when they were originally released. Even though Super Smash Bros didn't have online play, it can now, and people can have fun. But fuck that, because Nintendo gotta get paid, son. Needless to say, many of their fans are no longer fans and Nintendo limps back to its Scrooge McDuck money vault after shooting themselves in the foot.

Acid Techno: Drugs, Squats, and Protests - ...when you strip away the sonics, and you look at the genre as a whole, its culture, attitude and style, which one is truly Cyberpunk?

How about Acid Techno?

It’s Punk As Fuck.

Adventure Time challenged cartoons Girly Girl and Other Girl stereotypes - The incredibly true adventure of two girls in love. (That's a reference by the way, you should check it out too.)

A few days ago I couldn't open apps on my iMac because Apple's authentication server was bogged down. There was an outcry, privacy implications, and then Apple addressed almost all the concerns.

There are ideas that are more cyberpunk than Cody and Jody, a sibling team who make virtual VR personalities at Facebook Labs, but you'll have to dig around to find those ideas.

Nicholas Cage has made a batshit crazy martial arts movie with Tony Jaa - I mean, Christ, I need to see this. The hilarious thing is that Cage actually holds a black belt in Jiu Jitsu.


Jacques Dupuis performs two Quebecois folk tunes - La Madelon and La Cuisinière

The Akond of Swat - Word jazz by Ken Nordine

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