October 14, 2020


Snake Eyes, arguably the most popular G.I. Joe character, wasn't well portrayed in the live-action movies. At the very least, he wasn't well costumed. But it looks like they're fixing that in 2021 with a new Snake Eyes movie, and a toy leak reveals the costumeSpolier: The toy looks like Snake Eyes.

Never before published images of men in love between 1850 and 1950 - Oh my god the second picture looks like Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Nabors!

Pluto has snowy mountaintops - So what? So it's only place in the solar system besides Earth where that happens.

OpenOffice was a great piece of software... back in the early 2000s. LibreOffice is continuously improved, with evolving designs, and active development. And it's beyond time people switched to LibreOffice if they're still stuck in OpenOffice. The Document Foundation thinks so too, and wrote an open letter to OpenOffice to appeal to them to start moving people over the LibreOffice.


Let's get a bit cyberpunk, shall we? We've got two trailers here for some new and upcoming cyberpunk projects that look fantastic!

Akudama Drive

LRNZ - Golem

Getting some serious Ghost in the Shell mixed with Mirror's Edge vibes on this one.

Image Junky 


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