October 15, 2020

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Catch the latest episode of my October special spooky podcast, WRTH - Tanglewood Hill!


Vivaldia - A cyberpunk game build into the Vivaldi web browser. I tried Vivaldi a while back but ya know, I think I'll be sticking with Firefox until it plunges into the ground like a lawn dart. The sad thing is, that is the trajectory it seems to be taking, because...

God knows Mozilla doesn't seem to give a fiddler's fart about Firefox.

Pitivi Video Editor Gets a Blockbuster Update - While I do most of my video work in Final Cut Pro X, I remain a huge fan of Kdenlive. But seriously? It won't hurt Linux to have multiple choices for kick-ass video editors. Glad to see Pitivi moving forward.

Maybe I should check out this Phasmophobia game. Sounds like it's right up my alley.

How to Spreadsheet by Cory Doctorow - As a guy who literally produces spreadsheets as a major part of his job, I agree with every fucking word.

LGBT+ Books I've Read (And Enjoyed) This Year - From Ellison Skinner, the Gentleman Scholar.





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