FOSSiL? What’s that?

Welcome to The FOSSiL Projects, a collection of software and solutions for your library!

FOSSiL is an acronym for Free Open Source Solutions in Libraries. We design software and solutions for libraries that are guaranteed to meet your budget requirements, because all of the software and solutions are free! Building upon a foundation of free and open source software (FOSS), FOSSiL provides ideas and technology to help you streamline workflows, enhance current processes, and make things better.

And yes, it’s free.

Almost all of the software here runs on Linux, a free and open source operating system that is not only a big part of the Internet, but also happens to run extremely well on lower end computers. That means you won’t need big, expensive servers with Microsoft licensing and SQL Server costs and all of that stuff. You can run the majority of the FOSSiL projects on an older desktop computer. In other words, you may not have to buy anything. You certainly won’t have to buy the software.

We recommend Ubuntu Linux or one of the Ubuntu flavours, but other Linux distros will work too.

Created by Daniel Messer, the Cyberpunk Librarian, these FOSSiL Projects are itches he needed to scratch in some way or another. Each project represents a problem that needed solving, a project that needed doing, and method that needed management. Realizing that his problems were likely not unique in the field of library work, he started posting the projects online hoping that other libraries might use them to save themselves some time and money.

This is a growing collection of projects, with more being added as time goes on. If you have questions or need help with set up, well, we’re here for that too. Contact Dan at cyberpunklibrarian (at) protonmail (dot) com.

And hey, if you happen to be using one of the projects, do Dan a favour and let him know! It’ll help spread the word! Or, if you happen to be a developer and want to contribute code or projects of your own, let us know that too!

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Dan is a systems librarian, podcaster, occasional coder, digital creative, and cyberpunk.

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