Project: Signbrary


A digital signage and content distribution system

This project aims to be a solution for libraries that want to set up a digital signage system that also allows for content distribution. For example, a library could set up a stand alone digital sign at an event that displays events and notices and enables patrons to connect to the device and download eBooks, music, video, and more.

The software itself is aimed at running as a standalone system on a Raspberry Pi, or as an online system connected to the internet.

Special Thanks

Signbrary utilizes the Javascript Date Picker by Chris Hulbert. Thank you, Chris!


Questions? Need help?
Contact Daniel Messer at cyberpunklibrarian (at) protonmail (dot) com

Signbrary is currently under active development. Some features are not yet available.


Dan is a systems librarian, podcaster, occasional coder, digital creative, and cyberpunk.

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