Motoko Kusanagi sits in bed. The city is outside her window.

People love machines in 2021 A.D.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda sorta into cyberpunk. I mean… So it’s a given that I’m a huge fan of Kōkaku Kidōtai, known…

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The Raspberry Pi logo

New Tech, New Features, New Pants

This morning I was working on a guide and process manual for building a digital signage system using Raspberry Pis and open source software. One…

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Transform and Lock Out!

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Large pipes twisting through the landscape.

Ceci est une pipe

What they posted: After SPS.. the beam has reached n_TOF! #Didyouknow that this is the first time we have produced a neutron spallation target in…

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A rather disappointed looking cat.

It’s Broken Until It Isn’t

I had an issue yesterday with a project I’m coding. For whatever reason, I could not upload an image file to the server. My code…

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The main Calibre screen

Beautifying Calibre

I’m not really a fan of Calibre more than I’m an evangelist. The word “fan” doesn’t really cover my adoration of Calibre because, as a…

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Like the Avengers, but Fuzzy

1985 in Yakima, Washington was a special time and place if you happened to be a bored kid who decided to seek out entertainment and…

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Tanglewood Hill header

Welcome to Tanglewood Hill Studio!

It’s not atypical that I should have something like a dozen projects running around my space, all in various stages of progress. I love creating,…

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Code and Audio

Just a quick announcement to let folks know that the final two project pages, Podcasts and Code, are up and running! As I say on…

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Looking for something to read?

I’ve been writing for well over three decades and some of it is actually worth reading! While I primarily stick to non-fiction and essays, I’ve…

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