Day: March 29, 2021

Welcome to Tanglewood Hill Studio!

Tanglewood Hill header

It’s not atypical that I should have something like a dozen projects running around my space, all in various stages of progress. I love creating, and I enjoy the process of creation. I write things. Some things are non-fiction, some things are stories, others are just once-off quickies. I compose and record music. I make podcasts. I write code. I’m an amateur photographer. Long ago, and far away, I created a sort of overarching thing under which I could collect all my projects. I called it Sonoran Dragon Studio. It wasn’t a bad idea. Except I didn’t really do anything with it. If you check out my books on Amazon, they’re published under the Sonoran Dragon Studio label. And that’s literally all I’ve done with it. The idea was to put together a collection, a library of the stuff I’m working on, worked on, published, etc. Maybe, just maybe, I…

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