Day: June 3, 2021

It’s Broken Until It Isn’t

A rather disappointed looking cat.

I had an issue yesterday with a project I’m coding. For whatever reason, I could not upload an image file to the server. My code updated the database, but the server wouldn’t take the upload. Now, I know the code is good. The permissions on the image file were fine. The “server” I’m uploading to was localhost, so I know for a fact the permissions were good on the server, in the web directory, and in the directory for the project. All that’s fine. I checked php.ini and, yeah, that’s good too. But still, I can’t upload the damn image. It just won’t happen. After a few choice words, I finally threw my hands up, shut down the virtual machine that I use for coding projects, got a beer, and stared into the distance. I fired up the VM again this morning. I figure I’ll try again with fresh eyes….

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