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Welcome to Tanglewood Hill Studio!

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It’s not atypical that I should have something like a dozen projects running around my space, all in various stages of progress. I love creating, and I enjoy the process of creation. I write things. Some things are non-fiction, some things are stories, others are just once-off quickies. I compose and record music. I make podcasts. I write code. I’m an amateur photographer. Long ago, and far away, I created a sort of overarching thing under which I could collect all my projects. I called it Sonoran Dragon Studio. It wasn’t a bad idea. Except I didn’t really do anything with it. If you check out my books on Amazon, they’re published under the Sonoran Dragon Studio label. And that’s literally all I’ve done with it. The idea was to put together a collection, a library of the stuff I’m working on, worked on, published, etc. Maybe, just maybe, I…

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Code and Audio

Just a quick announcement to let folks know that the final two project pages, Podcasts and Code, are up and running! As I say on the Code page, I’m not a software developer, but I play with code and I’ve made stuff that’s helped me, and others, do things. So I often refer to myself as a coder, and rarely as a a developer or programmer. The Podcast page rolls through all the podcasts I’m working on. Even if one hasn’t updated in a while, I’m still working on ideas and scripts for them! Now that I’ve got this site mostly up and running? I think I’ll have a better workflow, and more time, to concentrate on the creative stuff again. The librarian needed a library for his stuff, and I finally have that mostly in place. Time to get more stuff.

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Hey! You’re Early!

Snow at the edge of the forest

Don’t mind me, here. I’m just getting things added, updated, sorted out, and I’m doing it all with just a touch of love and a whole lot of swearing. I’ll throw up posts and updates as things go live, so feel free to check back whenever! There’s a lot of nifty stuff coming, but it’ll take me some time to get it all online. Kun amo, miaj amikoj!

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