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Tunes and Imagery: East and West

The Psycho Soldier logo

I clearly remember the first time I played Psycho Soldier. It was at the Skateland roller skating rink in Union Gap, WA in the late 1980s. Skateland was, and probably still is, a blacklight paradise floating in an eddy current removed from the temporal flow around it. Skating rinks have a smell to them that I can’t quite describe. It falls somewhere within movie theatre popcorn, sweat, oil, and the fog of dill and vinegar wafting above the machine they use to make pickle-fizzes. The music blasted over the floor from wall-of-sound style speakers at a volume guaranteed to make you question what song you’re currently listening to. And yet, in an acoustical side-channel, you could sometimes hear the beautiful sounds and soundtracks from the wall of video games cabinets. Psycho Soldier grabbed my attention right away because, unlike most games of the time, the main character is a young…

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