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I’ve been a podcaster for over a decade, creating informative and, hopefully, entertaining shows about everything from libraries and technology to history to the popular culture of Generation X. I’m also working on shows that are more story based, sometimes blending fact and fiction.

Cyberpunk Librarian

High tech meets low budget at the intersection of libraries and technology. Cyberpunk Librarian is all about taking your library tech to new levels using inexpensive technology along with free, open source software.

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WRTH – AM 800

You’re driving alone, it’s dark, and the highway is deserted. All you can pick up is a single AM radio station, seemingly broadcasting from nowhere. WRTH – AM 800 takes you down the dark roads of the supernatural with facts and fiction.

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Intragalactic Librarian

Tales of high adventure in deep space starring Skylar and Jessica! It’s pulp sci-fi with a librarian twist. Ray guns! Spaceships! And an incredibly dangerous robotic shelver!

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Generating X

From video games to television to movies and events, Generating X offers insights on the times – the times being from the late 70s to the mid 90s.

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