Welcome to Tanglewood Hill Studio!

It’s not atypical that I should have something like a dozen projects running around my space, all in various stages of progress. I love creating, and I enjoy the process of creation. I write things. Some things are non-fiction, some things are stories, others are just once-off quickies. I compose and record music. I make podcasts. I write code. I’m an amateur photographer. Long ago, and far away, I created a sort of overarching thing under which I could collect all my projects. I called it Sonoran Dragon Studio. It wasn’t a bad idea.

The cover of Digital Outback

Except I didn’t really do anything with it.

If you check out my books on Amazon, they’re published under the Sonoran Dragon Studio label. And that’s literally all I’ve done with it. The idea was to put together a collection, a library of the stuff I’m working on, worked on, published, etc. Maybe, just maybe, I could offer a way for people to give me money for that stuff too.

After moving to Kentucky and settling into a house nestled at the edge of the forest, the idea of a warehouse for my projects grew more defined in my head. But Sonoran Dragon Studio, as a name, didn’t really make since anymore. Inspired, and thrilled, by the beauty of the forested hill we live on, I named our house Tanglewood Hill. It only took a few days for Tanglewood Hill Studio to become a project on its own.

I didn’t want anything fancy. A librarian wants a library, and the library can be a box with four walls and a ceiling. So long as things are somewhat organized, then that’s grand. I laid out the big stuff I was currently working on, categorisd, sorted, and then got to work. It took some time, sure, because I was still working on a book, new music, essays, and other things. So I just let things flow. Tanglewood Hill Studio would be a thing sooner or later.

And here it is.

The cover image for Cyberpunk Librarian

Check out the pages for Podcasting, Music, Code, and Books. You’ll find them in the menus above. Nothing here is for sale. You can literally download and keep whatever you want. If you do want to support your online digital creative, I’ve got links to Buy Me a Beer where it seemed worthwhile to have such a thing. Or, in the case of the books and music, you can always buy stuff on Amazon or Bandcamp or whatever. I’m not in this to make money, which is pretty obvious I think. If you want to throw money at something, feel free. Otherwise, just enjoy!

There are some new things coming here too, stuff I’m really excited about! See, one of the things I’ve wanted to do is offer a sort of serialised story telling experience. Kind of like Wattpad or a fan fiction site where you can show up, read a chapter of something, and maybe next week the new chapter is up and you come read that too. Beyond that, there’s flash fiction on the way, and probably some other surprises too. Most of my books started as essays posted online, maybe I can do that with fiction too?

Well, I guess we’ll find out.

Welcome to Tanglewood Hill Studio, beloved.