Daniel Messer

Finding Dan online

Daniel Messer wearing a t-shirt that says "What's more punk than the public library?" and a Wiccan pentacle necklace. He's got his glasses on top of his head.

Dan in a paragraph

I’m an Integrated Library System Administrator, Systems Librarian, and SQL hacker living in Alvaton, Kentucky. While I’m primarily a Polaris ILS admin and data wrangler, I’ve worked with Koha too. I have a broad tech background which includes library automation, desktop and mobile operating systems, logistics, content management systems, web apps, and digital media production. While I’m not great at it, I can write mostly functional code in PHP, Python, and AutoHotkey. And, when the need arises, I’m an instructor who’s taught classes on library technology, eReaders, digital services, coding, and video games in the library.

More about Dan

Hello, my name is Dan and I’m from the Internet.

My specialties lie in open source software. I’m a slider, an operator who slides between operating systems, desktops, and frameworks and uses the best in each of them to create, solve problems, and build sites. I have a preference for Mac OS X, but I’m proficient with Linux, Windows, iPadOS, and iOS.

Beyond my activities in cyberspace, I’m a historian and author. I’ve written several books which you can find on Amazon.com. I’m a musician working in ambient and space music, the kind of music that lulls you into relaxation. You can have a listen and download my tunes on SoundCloud and at Tanglewood Hill Studio.

Basically, I’m your open source favouring, but still uses everything, little free Cyberpunk Librarian.