Music From the Podcasts

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For those with the interest, here’s an up to date list of music and musicians that appeared in the episodes of the various podcasts over the years.

_ghost – Lullaby

505 – Myth

Algol – Callisto’s Warm Oceans

Alyiann – Methamphetamine

Alyiann – The Northern Lights

Alyiann – The Northern Lights

Ample Mammal – Future Versus Calculator

Ample Mammal – Spacecrunkadelix Part 2

André Uhl – Leviathan

Anima – Convalescence II: Love Again

Ant the Symbol – The Quiet Ones

Atomic Cat – Destiny

Azureflex – Quantum Leaper, feat. Lady Parsec

beat.dowsing – Albatross

beat.dowsing – Dodo

beat.dowsing – Knowns

beat.dowsing – Tropics

Bobby Yarsulik – Minecraft – The Song

Broke for Free – Caught in the Beat

Broke for Free – Note Drop

Cafe Del Chillia – Woman in Blue

Carroll – Billionaire

Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Three

Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Three

Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Two

Chris Zabriskie – Readers! Do You Read?

Christian Bjoerklund – Hallon

Coconut Monkeyrocket – Illogical Boogie

Creo – Dimension

Crosswords – Ivana Kupala Night

D-Echo Project – Der Plug

D-Echo Project – Folha Negra

Daniel Messer – Echo Mirage

Daniel Messer – Gravitational Slingshot

Daniel Messer – Optimus L’Chaim

Daniel Messer – Star Drift

Daniel Messer – Starshine

Daniel Messer – Tesseract

Daniel Messer – Titles (Chariots of Fire) (by Vangelis)

Deltason – Dialect

Deltason – Ground Loop

DJ Jax – Jigo-Jitoku

Dmitriy Krotevich – Dope

dustmotes – Faraday

Flex Vector – Dancer in the Dark

Flex Vector – Gray Matter

Flex Vector – The Beat Goes On

Flex Vector – The Killbots are Coming

Flying Species – Transitional Damselfly

Foniquz – Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix)

Foniqz – Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix)

Fonogeri – Under Whispering Trees

Fortadelis – Infinitive Sight

FRAIL – Viscous

General Fuzz – Warm Steel

Gilo – Lei#4

Gilo – Evenings Recital

Giyo – Astro (Give You All I Can)

Giyo -Parisian Girl

Global Goon – Grenfeld

Gorowski – Universal Warrior (Special Edition)

Gorowski – Zon

Grumbel – Killing Bosses

Illusory Scapes – Alleviation

Illusory Scapes – Cries of Your Love

Illusory Scapes – Dance of My Imagination

Illusory Scapes – Wait for My Shadow

Jason Shaw – Ecstasy X

Jason Shaw – Ice Cold

Jason Shaw – Namaste

Ketsa – wander with me

Ketsa – Work

Kevin Bryce – Narita Spaceport Lounge

Kevin Bryce – A Flashback for Mr. Computer

Kevin Bryce – On a Spinning Disc, Dragonflies

Kevin Bryce – Slightly Randomized Trajectory

Kevin MacLeod – Jay Jay

Kevin MacLeod – Rocket

Kevn MacLeod – Fanfare for Space

Koalips – Miranda

Lee Resevere – The Last Question

Lee Resevere – Watching Whales on the Moon

Lex g Alex – lex g alex 3

Little Glass Men – Dream Blaze

Little Glass Men – Kelp Grooves

Little Glass Men – Spontaneous Existence

Massimo Ruberti – The City Without Sun

Mike B. Fort – Hedonic State

Nearfield – We Are the Future

Newton Balloon – Air Born

NeXuS – Hypodemia

PASCALB – Desire

Peter Sharp – Adeu

Peter Sharp – Runtime Error

Pollux – Untitled One (Anoymous Version)

Project Divinity – Ambient

Psychadelik Pedestrian – Druids March

Psychadelik Pedestrian – Nocturnia

Psychadelik Pedestrian – Pacific

Psychadelik Pedestrian – Sands of Time

Psychadelik Pedestrian – Starlight

Psychadelik Pedestrian – Memories

Psychadelik Pedestrian- Unprovoked Attack

Pyschadelik Pedestrian – Catching Rays

Pyschadelik Pedestrian – The Dead of Night

Redmann – Born Into It (Chillout Mix)

Redmann – Solar Rush

RoccoW – Electric Donkey Muscles

RoccoW – Pumped

Rolemusic – Bacterial Love

Ryo Miyashita – Bellydance at Ebisu

saQi – Explode Into the Clouds

sawsquarenoise- OST 11 Where Am I?

Skip – HyperSpaceAdventure

Sro – Answering M

Sro – Sentimental

Stanko-Beronja – Electro Funk

Starman65 – Daydreaming

Starman65 – Fairy Tale

Sunstroke – Walking on the Seaside

Tab & Anitek – Cohen Method

Tardiss – Silver Fences

Tardiss – Slow Stich

Teen Daze – New Life

The Polish Ambassador – Journey to the Center of Jah

The Polish Ambassador – My Time Machine

Tortue Super Sonic – Robotomie

Ufancy – Nebula UF-001 2-2

Ufancy – Spatial Images

Viktor Cepeda – Minecraft Everyday

Vincenzo – Funkind 2

Vir Nocturna – Analgesia