Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 19 – Press the Shiny Red Button

Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian - Episode 19 - Press the Shiny Red Button

It’s a podcast about podcasts as Dan talks about the things he does to design, prepare for, and record the show! Find out just how simple, or complex, it can be to make a podcast and pick up some ideas from the Cyberpunk Librarian and others!


Check out these shows for ideas!

Some hardware and software and stuff!

  • WordPress – My free and open source content management system of choice. Or my preferred FOSS CMS.
  • Seriously Simply Podcasting – A fantastic plugin for WordPress that helps with podcast distribution on your website.
  • FFMPG Plugin for Audacity – Import video files into Audacity to strip off the audio.
  • Video DownloadHelper Firefox – Download streaming videos easily.
  • Audacity – The best audio editor money can’t buy.
  • USB Mic – I use a Rock Band mic. Sure it’s cheesy, but it’s fairly decent.
  • Blue Yeti – A primo USB mic. I’ll be upgrading to this fairly soon.
  • Pop filter – The cheapest thing you can get to improve your audio.
  • Make your own pop filter! – Don’t worry, it’s really easy to do.
  • Swivel Arm Boom Mounts – They come in lots of varieties and prices. Mine was something like $30 as I recall. It doesn’t even have a brand on it.

Other cool things!



Other good stuff