Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 51 Part One – Burner

Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian - Episode 51 Part One - Burner

Go dark and get deep as Dan walks you through the basics of setting up a burner laptop! In a special, two part episode, we’re going to look at the hardware, network, software, and physical security you’ll need to think about when you’re setting up a laptop you might eventually walk away from. Here in Part One, let’s talk about the hardware, the network, and operational security of the device.

CORRECTION: During the episode I refer to GPS as a two way communication which, as Jason Griffey and John Fink pointed out on Twitter, is wrong. What I was talking about is the communication between GPS and apps that use GPS. The GPS on a smartphone is a receiver, and that’s all it does, receive information. I am so sorry for that error, and I’ll mention this correction in Part Two!


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