Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 62 – Cyberpunk Community Librarian Part Three

Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian - Episode 62 - Cyberpunk Community Librarian Part Three

Build your own Netflix with free, open source software and the Cyberpunk Librarian. Join Dan for part three of the cyberpunk community library series and learn how to set up your own media streaming server!


The Jellyfin home screen with various libraries, continue watching, and other information.
The Jellyfin home screen
The Jellyfin movie detail screen featuring Split Second from 1992.
Jellyfin’s movie detail screen
The Jellyfin music screen featuring The City by Vangelis.
Jellyfin’s album detail screen
The Ampache home screen
The Ampache home screen
Ampache album screen featuring "I Made This While You Were Asleep" by Chris Zabriskie
An Ampache album screen

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