Hyperlinked History – Episode 01 – Explosive Information

The show art for Hyperlinked History. Green, Matrix style characters fall behind the silhouette of Stonehenge.
Hyperlinked History
Hyperlinked History
Hyperlinked History - Episode 01 - Explosive Information

Before I became Cyberpunk Librarian, I was the Faceless Historian, the host of Hyperlinked History. This was a show close to my heart as it was the first podcast I ever made. Beyond that, the scripts from the show eventually turned into my first book. The problem is, through a series of unfortunate events, the original episodes of the show were lost. I didn’t have proper backups and they were removed from Libsyn years ago.

I want to bring these episodes back, and create new ones. So join me, again, as we gaze over the network of history.

Stellar explosions in the far, distant past lead to a medium that swirls and twists around us. Daniel Messer, the Faceless Historian, walks you down the path from point A to point B, with a few diversions in between.