WRTH – AM 800: The Print Version

Over the month of October I made a series of podcasts to celebrate the spookiness, the paranormal, and the overall joy of one of my favourite holidays. When I was cleaning up the podcast files for archiving, I glanced at my folder full of text and realized, hey… there’s a small book right there. I wonder if people would want that?

Well, actually, I don’t know if anyone wants such a thing, but it wasn’t all that much work to take those Markdown files and roll them over into Scrivener and build an eBook. So over the last few days, I’ve been working on exactly that, along with the editing, cleanup, and eventual fighting with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing content management system. It likes to put HTML where there was never any HTML before.

Anyway, you can get this book one of three ways. (Actually, I suppose you could get it all three of these ways, and who am I to stop you?) You can pop over to Amazon and buy the Kindle book for US$1.99. I don’t do Patreon or Kickstarter or any of that, and I don’t advertise on this site or within the podcasts. But if you want to throw some money at me, well, here’s a way you can do that.

If you just want the eBook, or want to try before you buy, that’s lovely too! You can download it via the links below.

Thanks for tuning in to WRTH  – AM 800, and enjoy the book, my friends!